What are the Costs Associated with being a Member of the Academy?

Joining the AAWCP is a cost-effective way to maintain and increase your Workers’ Compensation revenue. The Academy is far less costly than other methods – such as:

·         Hiring a dedicated full-time employee

·         Doing the work yourself

·         Employing a professional and experienced marketer

·         Purchasing TV/Radio ads or a print ad or billboard

Pricing Schedule

·         Physicians: $299/year

·         Insurance Agents/Brokers: FREE

·         Attorneys: FREE

·         Hospitals/Surgery Centers/Physical Rehabilitation Centers: $100/year

·         Medical Practice Managers/Administrators: $299/year

·         Insurers/Self-Insured Entities/Case Managers/Municipalities/TPA Adjusters: FREE

In addition, we offer a market listing service for any Physician who provides Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) or Medical File Reviews. The cost is $50 a year for each of these categories.

What is Expected from an AAWCP?

·         Schedule patients within 8 hours of referral.

·         Strive to see the patient within twenty minutes of an appointment.

·         Utilize and complete the standard “Quick Report” form and return to the provider same-day.

·         Communicate via telephone with Case Managers during normal office hours, when necessary.

·         Support practice office staff with the patient care coordination process.

·         Comply with established referral management protocols.

·         Participate with Case Managers in patient-specific case reviews when necessary.

·         Maintain current knowledge of Workers’ Compensation best practices.

Also, after recent meetings with numerous insurance companies, case management companies and TPAs, we have compiled a list of the most important aspects those companies look for when choosing a Workers’ Compensation provider.

1.    Medical History: A thorough medical history of prior related medical treatment sets the stage for excellent care.

2.    Injury: A Physician should focus solely on the authorized Workers’ Compensation injury. If an unauthorized/unrelated ailment surfaces during examination, the Physician should inquire how to proceed prior to treating that injury.

3.    Return-to-Work Policies: A Physician must be reasonable with return-to-work policies, presenting logic and reasoning if delaying return-to-work. Future referrals are more likely to be obtained when compliant and reasonable with these policies.

4.    Communication: Communication is vital to a great working relationship. How quickly a patient can be seen is a deciding factor when directing care, along with the timeliness and completeness of the “Quick Note” and full report.
In certain cases, a direct line of communication with the physician can play a significant role. We are aware of the Physician’s busy schedule and limited time to be on the phone; however, a quick and simple phone call can make a difference. This line of communication could prevent unnecessary delays in the claim and can further enhance the Physician and Case Managers’ working relationship.

Inservices are also significant in establishing a working relationship and building rapport. Adjusters and case managers not only appreciate the Physician’s time giving an Inservice presentation, but they also are more comfortable referring to a physician they have previously met.

We will continue to evaluate the marketplace and their needs.

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